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KACCETA is a 60min beat tape / mix filled with original beats and flips extracted from Crystal Pharoah’s extensive collection of Soviet vinyl from the 70s and 80s.

Stemming from 80s cassette tape culture, KACCETA or “cassette” is a thorough yet lighthearted take on Russian culture seen through the eyes of an American spy. With all the wit and nuance of his previous mixes, Crystal Pharoah, weaves an intricate tapestry of past meets present beat head culture.

This collaboration between the Tutan-uncommon of beats, @crystal_pharoah and the bootleg toy Godfather, @sucklord, marks a long collaborative relationship between the two, melding a music release with Suckadelic’s toy/product sensibility. The drop will include three iterations of the cassette tape.

You can purchase the cassette tape and related items here: https://suckadelic.myshopify.com/

Listen and purchase the mix here: https://soundcloud.com/crystalpharoah/kacceta